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Sport Biking Headwear

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 9:39 PM

I never knew this was a thing - buff head wear. Or rather BUFF (tm) head wear. No, these aren't hats comprised of muscles but a brand of head gear especially made for sport motorcyclists. You ever watch a motocross event or people on bikes out in bad weather or heavy dust and mud and wonder 'how in the heck can they see in all fact how can they keep from freezing to death in all that!?' Well, they wear an under helmet garment aka head wear.

This head wear is like the special gear that campers use to keep their internal wear dry to avoid sudden temp changes like hypothermia when they get into the elements. It wouldn't do to be biking and in the lead of a race then start freezing from powering hard through some muddy and icy water filled terrain? They also come in cool designs; here's some great buff headware at AvidMax you can check out!