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Rugs for my hippy fireplace!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:07 AM

Fireplace Rugs - never thought you'd hear me mention this! Well, it seems I am in the middle of a move. After four years I'm on the move and in need of this kind of rug as my new place has a fireplace! It never occurred to me that there was such a thing but yes, there is such a thing.

Hearth rugs are pretty and so homey! The patterns hide and protect the floor near the fireplace from soot (and more importantly fire landing outside the hearth). They are fire resistant, and beyond my first impressions when hearing the words 'fireplace rugs' match more than just the traditional, old timey house decor. I can see such styles even working in homes with more modernist decor.

Course I tend to be simply eclectic in my choices so I can see this working out. I just hope (knowing my bad luck) that I don't end up setting other things aside from said rug on fire.