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TENS Units - Not just for playtimes.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:44 AM

I've vaguely heard of such things as TENS Units but for some reason I was thinking of them in BDSM sense - that is the ways in which this item can be used in play as I've only heard of them used in that context. Intrigued as I enjoy looking for odd things gave that informational site I just linked a visit.

Did you know that TENS Units like the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator are used to stimulate the muscles with you having to get up and do regular exercise? Now, clearly this isn't some 'sit and let a machine do the work' kind of thing; these simulators are more for bedridden folks; people whose either had massive injuries or an event that had them not moving for a long amount of time.

See, unlike The Bride in the Kill Bill movies, you can't just get up from a coma with working limbs. You muscles after a long time of non use atrophy or waste away. You body, unused to having to do anything requiring those now missing muscles have a hard time function much less moving and rebuilding as humans need muscles to do most mobile tasks. Have you ever wondered how a person coming from a coma could walk again? This thing gets them there. To the point whre they can work out and gain more muscle. Visit LGMedSupply Online as it tells you more.