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Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

Miami = Are you trying to tell me something?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:20 PM

There’s something in the water in Miami or something. The place must be very unruly or something as the sheer amount of stuff I get sent from there concerning lawyers is interesting. For example I got this link - Accident Attorney Miami. As I sais in my last post I am not accident prone. One could take this as a beware sign, cautioning me from traveling to an accident capital. Then again it could be that lovely Floridian helpfulness, looking out and worrying about my safety.

I dunno. But as I have no plans to go thre right now, nor get hurt often, I’ll have to pass on Accident Attorney Miami’s plans.