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Moving into using web conferencing.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 6:05 PM

As a freelancer for going on 4 years now, I’ve had to navigate the weirdness of working online. Working like this meant that I did not have the luxury (or curse, depending) on talking with my coworkers and higher ups person to person or at my leisure. Many have used IMs which are nice and all – unless you are a slow typist like me, or don’t communicate ideas in text on the fly all that well. It also came across as a tad impersonal. Other’s had me use screen sharing software what was kind of neat as you can see what they are seeing and doing – but they could also see what I was doing. A bit too personal for my tastes.

But a few gigs had me use conference calls. I thought those kinds of things were for fancy big business people on far away trips. And considering how expensive a call was…yeah no. But there are places coming out now with [conference calls unlimited] – that are also affordable to us not so ritzy yet networking folk.

Zip Conferencing is great in this respect. They are showing the more flexible direction that net conferencing is taking. A person on a past gig had tried out their trial to see if they were a good fit for their business. In the end it was.

The nice quality between all parties and the rates made them stay with them. I mean the thing is pay as you go and isn’t some pay by year thing. I’m considering them myself as Skype as nice (and free) as they are – if bad weather crops up or any little problem happens, their connection goes to pot. I recall one time having major lag – which isn’t great when you are demonstrating a chat to various coworkers! So go ahead and have a look at Zip Conferencing’s site…I’ll wait. It’s rather informative on what they do and don’t offer.