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It is impossible for me to get a DWI.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:27 PM

Rhodes Island, Rhodes Island, Rhodes Island. You think I’m going to be a criminal one minute, and now you think me not just a criminal but an alcoholic criminal. What a nice touch. Nothing against alcoholics, I’m just saying it’s not a nice thing to be labeled one. I do every one in a while drink but not enough to be cause a ruckus. And I can honestly say I have been drunk but not enough to be a danger to myself and others. RI sent this guy - DWI Attorney Rhode Island RI - my way through anyway. Also note: I don’t drive.

Nope. I don’t drive. Haven’t in over 2 years.

Soo I technically CAN’T even get a DWI charge without a lot of creative whatifs to occur in my life. Sorry, DWI Attorney Rhode Island RI. When I drink, I get driven around; I don’t do the driving.