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Hotel Supplies = Catering Happiness

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:53 AM

I was checking out PeachSuite Hotel Supply and was very tempted. No I don't run a hotel. But I have a friend starting up a catering business and would find buying stuff in bulk helpful. I mean buying individuality each chair, plate set and kitchenware out the box from a department store would be taxing.

This Hotel Amenities Supplier sells the stuff you see at many hotels. Those throw away mugs, those matching tables, chairs, that bar - all of that stuff was brought in bulk from companies like PeachSuit.

Of course, as a non hotel owner nor a caterer, the prices of these Hotel Supplies Online are tempting. But I think you can only buy in bulk which kills off the ones like me wanting to get say a blender on the cheap.