My Goals with this Blog...

Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

I also get stuff from Arizona too. I’ve never been there either. The only thing that comes to mind from there is that movie with the 6 babies …oh yeah ‘Raising Arizona’. It was strange, weird and yet rather funny. Oh and the whole immigration thing. And their laws and lawmakers…they kind of make me not want to go. As a female and a person not of the pale camp it kinda sounds like a scary state in places, actually. I’ll probably have need for a DUI Attorneys Phoenix.

I mean what if I get entrapped into something? The past elections kind of made the place wholesale unappealing (not to say my state does either – but Arizona kind of started looking mighty frightening). I’d be as dry as the Sahara not because I fear going over my limit (I’m a responsible drinker) – it’s more that I can see the state giving any reason to point fingers at me. So yeah I’ll file this DUI Attorneys Phoenix away for later.