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Wow now this is Luxury

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:26 PM

Regalia condos? The place looks too rich for my blood yeah wow. Look at that beautiful scenery (I'd link a pic but the website won't let me and I'd rather not resort to hacker for one picture.). Nearly air brushed beaches, so much sun (which isn't that appealing, needs more shade), the places look amazing - and did I mention the beaches?

Mind you I've never been to Florida. Not even for a visit. I don't really know anyone down there. The few events I could find myself at would probably not be hosted near these spectacular places. Yet I feel drawn to go I mean look at these luxury oceanfront condos at One Bal Harbour and tell me you wouldn't want to at least spend a night in these places. It would definitely motivate me to see Florida for a hot minute.

Then again - that price tag. Ouch. Clearly places like these luxury oceanfront condominiums in Bal Harbour, Florida are made for the jet set rich folk. Oh well, doesn't hurt to dream, can't I?