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Too high in all meanings of the word.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:47 PM

What is up with Florida trying to lure me there? It’s like winter and I so do not have their ideal beach body. And I’m not one for super-hot weather – I mean I live in the south but humid weather just gets worse and worse the farther down you go! Florida is now tossing out condos for sale at the Waverly South Beach. I mean do I sound rich enough to buy a piece of property states away that’ll see maybe once a year?

Silly Florida.

Besides, as pretty as those condos look, and the views would probably be cool – I’m not a big fan of being up on supper high floors. The view is great but my fear of say a storm or something knocking that tall building down and having me be reintroduced to the bad side of gravity would freak me out. So sorry fancy condos for sale at the Waverly South Beach but I’m out.