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More Traffic Tickets? But...

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:54 PM

Tickets? But I don't drive officer! No really. I haven't driven in like two years. I simply have a raging disdain for driving. Okay a tad bit of a phobia. I mean if I had to drive to escape of flee a situation, I could. But driving for errands or fun? Pfft that's what walking, biking and riding the bus is for.

But alas, I was sent this link to Traffic Ticket Attorney Farmington Hills MI. Well aside from not living in the state, I have no clue what to make of this one. Does traffic law cover pedestrians? If so I can see it being a tad useful. Mind you I keep to the sidewalks and safe areas. Unless the driver is a moron I should be involved in traffic disputes.

But as useful as this Traffic Ticket Attorney Farmington Hills MI site looks, I see nothing for pedestrians. What is I nearly dodge getting hit by a car (which has happened to me in the past)? Do I have recourse if I do get hurt?