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Biking Plans

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:10 AM

I haven’t been the best at outdoorsy things. I have a bike that I pall around town on, sure. But the small sort of metro but not area isn’t really what I’d call a woody mountain path or anything. Sure we have a few bike lanes and a small hiking path but they don’t give off that hardcore ‘you are dependent of this bike for everything’ vibe.

So imagine my surprise when a group of heath buff friends (note I am so not a heath nut) invited me to go on a bike trail in their neck of the woods – a few states away. The trip sounded rather fun too! But I didn’t think my 5 year old built for city riding bike would do. Said friends also know that I’m a frugal sort and can’t just out and buy something new off the rack without killing my wallet. So I was referred to this online bike shop I’ve never heard of.

Of course when you go to a place called ‘The House’, outdoor sports gear is not the first thing you think of. A cleaning company could use that name. But anyway, this place has awesome outdoor stuff including biking gear. I also knew that simply ordering a bike would not do, after all. Well, I was sent some helpful things like this the house coupons and some other stuff like the house promo codes.

Oh yeah that would definitely make my pocket feel good. So I definitely had a place to get my goods. The other thing was I’m not in the best of shape. I bike everywhere sure, but aside from the lake nearby the land is flat and easy to traverse. This bike trip will involve hills and rocks and various other obstacles. Can I do this? I mean I challenged myself years ago to go mountain climbing but I was half my size then! Whelp, guess I won’t know unless I try! And my bike =/= a frighteningly steep mountainside.