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The Temptation of a TV

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 8:09 PM

I am quite a frugal sort as you all know. I rarely buy anything straight up new – if it can be reused or refurbished I will do it. Furniture was scored from places like free cycle or Craigslist (or Freecycle). Clothing from the clearance racks. Coupons are my best friend when I go grocery shopping. I spend less and when I do it, it is efficiently.

…Except when it comes to technology. Mainly computer, gaming and TV equipment - but all things I get brand new or barely out of the box if I can help it. Some items you can fix up like clothing, but tech items tend to not function well the older they are. Most items like ram and pc upgrades need to be at least reasonably in good order. This means most of those type of items cost a decent amount of coin. This doubly means that I have to be very picky on when and how I can buy these big ticket items.

Guess what happened this week? Cyber Monday. It is one of the biggest weeks of the year where I then hang out religiously at and other places. I saw some sweetheart deal of a TV. 32” – I live in a small apartment so that size is fine – with the connections I would need, with a dazzling picture and with free shipping. All for $179. I drooled. But alas I don’t get paid till next week. This week is when rent is due.

Cue crying. I even tried to apply for a credit card (as stupid and rash that decision was). I was denied. That TV which is at least $300+ was teasing me near out of grasp. But then I saw this place. I’m not big into looking at loan places as they tend to be more trouble than they are worth but considering I KNOW I’m getting a lump sum in less than 5 days…the temptation is there.