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Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:49 AM

This Black Friday ad Cyber Monday sales period has been a pure temptation for me. I mean I don’t want a lot of things; rather the things I want tend to be a tad pricey (like that TV by golly). But I did nab small things like some video games on sale. I also looked on sites for general items I’d need like house hold things that needed replacing/upgrading (note I moved into this place for over a year yet I still haven’t quite furnished it). A few new pieces of clothing despite not being a fashionista cropped up.

Seriously, my idea of high style is a well-made knitted sweater, decent fitting jeans and warm colors that both minimize my to put it bluntly fat frame yet accentuate it i.e. playing up my attributes to my advantage. Mixed in those nice deals were footsmart coupons.

Funny, I am not a huge shoe person (I own maybe 5 pairs tops). Or handbag person (I own two which are more like messenger laptop type bags than some overly frilly Gucci nonsense). The closets are small and I only had half the space as my SO has the other. Note I am not a fashionista at all.

But, I also don’t dig heels despite being like 5’2” and with narrow feet. But this Footsmart place clearly doesn’t cater to the sky high heels crowd. They have perfectly manageable tennis and dress shoes and even low heeled boots on sale. The shoes are in warm earthy colors (that I adore) in patterns and styles that don’t make my eyes bleed or scream 40 year old trying to look 20. Not that I’m anywhere near 40 but the 20 boat has long sailed and I don’t miss it a wit.

I have this footsmart promo code…maybe if I finagle my finances just so I can snag a pair on the cheap. My current shoes are starting to wear a bit.