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Bad Family Friend.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:40 AM

Do I truly need this? No but a family friend may. See, she's the family acquaintance that no one know whose she's supposed to be friends with. I think the actual friend is too embarrassed to say. Yea she's THAT 'family friend'. There's always at least one in any family: the one that shows up to random gatherings that everyone pretends isn't there, or talks to in that superficial way.

I don't mean in that black sheep way (I have been the black sheep - at least you know and relish knowing the fam dislikes you yet won't have the chutzpah to say it), but in that 'oh no will they do something embarrassing again?' way. As it is a caring (read: pitying) family member found one of the Best DUI Attorney Atlanta because well this friend found herself in jail for DUI. Again.

You'd think after the third or 5th time she'd learn. But nope. She did not and was hauled back off to jail. Is it too late to mention she has a drinking problem hence the distance? Right.

Well this Best DUI Attorney Atlanta is her only hope it seems. She has hit the strike limit on how many arrests for DUI she can rack up and could be facing some heavy time.