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Why a Cincinnati Lawyer?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:09 PM

Now why would I need a Cincinnati Lawyer? Well I personally don't need him. I live no where near the place. It is more his website that caught me. The layout is rather well put together (unlike a lot of 'fly by night' lawyer outfits) and had me lingering to read some of their articles. A few caught me by surprise.

Cincinnati OVI Lawyer - I was confused by the term. I've heard of DUI and such but apparently in Cincinnati or rather all of Ohio they have a beefed up version of this that takes the slight bitch slap of getting a DUI here and makes it stick -forever. Required jail time, restitution, classes, the works. That will leave a permanent stain on your driving record - I can see why this law firm is poised to help people caught in this. If say this was a false charge that could ruin people.

Now Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer well that seems more straight forward. I'm all for thieves getting their just due but again if you are falsely accused , this firm will catch your back. Going by how sternly worded everything is it seems the law is strict in Ohio.