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Rusty Solomon, one dedicated cook.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:13 AM

Rusty Solomon was

A. a cook
B. a naval submariner
C. dedicated to his work

The answer is D. all of the above. Envisioning being on a naval submarine sounds rather claustrophobic and difficult, what with being away from family and most civilization for months at a time as well as the whole being trapped in a small boat many legues under the sea.

But Rusty Solomon had it rougher. For Mr. Solomon was a cook. Rusty Solomon Submarine Cook. Think about it. This meant that he not only was in a cramped sub, but was in a cramped sub with the space of a casket tasked to feed the entire crew three times a day for 9 months straight with no holidays or days off.

He works tirelessly and puts in long hours that usually become overtime hours with his five assistant cooks on board. But that's okay, between his normal salary and his large bonus pays and over time pay checks, he's one of the highest paid members of the Australian navy.