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Kitchen Magic takes to facebook.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:17 AM

I remember Kitchen Magic. They had helped out my grandma in remodeling her kitchen ages ago before my granddad passed away. It was a gift from him actual; a sort of 'I won't be here much longer so I'll make your live after me as comfortable as possible' type gesture. It was the kind of move no one realize it was until the timely day of his passing.

Even years after when she for a while fell apart, that kitchen shone in testament to him trying to soothe her future pain in the way he knew how - by making her life easier.

So it sucked in more ways than one when she and I had to move out of that house, full of memories both good and bad. The fixed up kitchen, the dilapidated pipes, the too small and oddly built living room, all of the stress of that house was left behind. She went into her assisted living place and I my apartment. So when I found the Facebook for Kitchen Magic I sort of felt the memories of that final gift return to mind.

I faved that page, and liked it not just for the memories their past work gives me but for the future work I know I'll request once I move into a nice home.