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Local SEO or not to Local SEO?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 9:13 AM

Ah SEO we meet again. I tended to ignore you of late what with the big Panda bruhahaha. I mean that fiasco made me near happy to have not invested money in SEO. I mean all that anger, lost monetary investment from both getting your SEO up to snuff AND running and earning off your web site. It was wise of me to not try to change too much about my site in the SERPs.

But this matters the most to business on a global scale. I mean most companies want business everywhere and so cry when their global buyers go bye bye due to Google changes. But what of business = ‘local SEO ’?

Now, when one thinks of the internet, one goes ‘huh? There’s no such thing as local. The internet is world wide – everyone’s a potential customer even a continent away.’ Well unless you sell a specific local area place. Say you are a plumber – your services can only be of use to your immediate area as many can hire a plumber anywhere.

Or what if simply you are a home town business? You don’t have world wide appeal – say you are a promoter of local parties? Promoting for parties states away wouldn’t make sense. Or you are just not read to take the ‘worldwide business’ step? Then small business marketing is probably better off.

In my case I’m not sure if I am ready to go with the worldwide path. I do freelance write for others online but I do more than that. I sell items and work as a sort of personal assistant. Those things screen ‘global work’ but taking all comers can be tiresome, even overwhelming. Also it is easier to see your results locally when you can meet face to face people who live around you (and see how your business affects your area) is neat. And if the big bad Google animal de ju hits your site hard, you will still have those locals knowing your name and being able to in flesh in blood reach you.