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You can be Google Adwords Certified?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:11 PM

I haven't dealt with Google Adwords Management in a long while. Mainly because I disliked the look of Google ads on my blogs. I mean I did optimize this and other blogs ages ago. It was time consuming, tedious, and it seemed to give me little return. I mean I ranked high on the url itself and or my name but nothing of note.

This being noticed, I never realized there were a adwords management company that was actually 'Google Certified'. I've seen many, many companies that guaranteed that you would gain more ranking and closer to page one rankings for Google under certain keywords. But none actually 'Google Certified'. What is that? I though Google as a company didn't tell others on their ranking methods and chances – so that being taught how they exactly do things and to then act accordingly seems impossible.

But here is a place with actual certs and everything. They even have set pages for various groups; one page is specifically for higher education search engine optimization. Though I'd figure most well established school already have a web presence but any newer built schools could use the boost.


I'm not a school. I barely look at Google adwords. They just seem finicky – the adwords and Google especially after the last update – so I've been sorta not leaning on the big G as much. Will I actively pursue them? I dunno. But at least I know of places like this because clearly I'm too lazy to do all this myself.