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Windows are so cost effective

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:11 PM

Now I don't just have a fetish for doors...I have a deep love of a well crafted window. I mean they are for more than just keeping a place cool. They are great for letting light in as well (despite myself being such a vampire lol). But Simply having normal windows isn't enough.

On this page's Homepage I found out that there are even more uses to a window. There are windows that can hold in heat, keep out the cold and simply improve one's in home temperature and the light bill!

And you know how I am about saving money.

Anyway, these windows are great – but they tend to cost a lot too. The cost to have then specially made and to have them put in. And being I don't own this place, that would be out. Yet low and behold the windows here are eco windows!?

Weirder still is that the very website I was looking on installed these windows! Small world, huh? I mean the light bill here with at times 4 computers running, a dish washer ran every night, and the ac on most days is like $90. The power bill at my grandma's old house with a few AC units, one almost always on laptop, and old (like bug infested old) was like $145. Yeah we can see how that works out...

It is just hilarious that I find a site like this and then find out that my landlords dealt with them.

I mean, I can simply touch them and feel no drafts. I can open them a feel the sun light up the room saving me from using an indoor light source. If it's too hot but an over all nice day I can open them and not worry about bugs crawling in (there is nothing creepier than bugs crawling in to your room/house through faulty windows. To know that air wont leak out. Yeah, if I even get a house of my own, I will so do the eco window thing. I feel rather spoiled.