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Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

State of the Union Spring 2012

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:07 PM

**Adventures in job juggling – state of the union**

Betcha though I forgot about this. Nope!

Blogging for self – Blogsvertise and my other bestie; my DOAEX?)WA was accepted on doubling my chance for work. Sponsored Reviews has been a rather viable source - it helped I started considering offers below my $10 threshold though :(

Blogging for others -
Khat - they cut me from 10 blogs to 6 per week. Tis a significant pay cut but still, they pay relaibly and I can be as stupid on there as I wish.

JMR - This gig I can be snarky and get paid for it. Teehee. They are also rather pro which is good.

The Happy Pigg -guy is awesom, a bit over worked I'm afraid, but he tries to pay on time. The happy topics are always fun to write about. The positive vibes balance out the snark from JMR.

Am reapplying for 2-3 other blog programs to bolster my income. *Never* keep all your eggs in one basket, kids!

Smaller Tasks
Been doing small things like UserTesting, Microworkers, BountyIT, and even a book club. Every little penny counts - as long as it is not too time consuming. A Goblin once said, 'Time is money, friends!' It is, man. It is.

About?! Just did my 3 week process with them, making it through training. Hopping any day now for the final word. I'd kill to work for them again despite the abrupt ending of the last program I was in.

A hush hush job – an NDA tells me to be mum about things. Going swell though I NEED to stop procrastinating and do the quota earlier in the month; the end of the month has stuff drying up fast!

Auctions are getting better.
Site A (feebay) is okay for ebooks here and there, but I mostly buy things for shipping/resale from there now. Though selling ebooks and gaming guides on there is a goal I really want to aspire to.

Site B (the River) is turning up to be a surprising extra money bucket due to selling my older books.

Site C (adult) has me fielding repeat sales. So much it has helped me pay off extra bills like my PO Box and buying fun things for myself for once. Also the buyers here are the friendliest.

Site D (Bonaanza) is still dead as all get out. But hey, they are like teh River. Leave it up and eventually someone will buy.

Thinking about etsy but from the hell being raised over drop-shippers sneaking onto there my opionon of them is a bit meh. I liked the home atmosphere :*(

Cable - Still reliably paying me for well, having it.

Clinical Trials The medical school up here does trials fairly often. I just finished on and am intending on trying for another.

Phew, what an update!