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Mmmm what beautiful doors...

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:21 PM

I love architecture. I love great design. Maybe it was something I inherited from my mother; she did initially go to school for design after all (she eventually changed up to drafting). I love the detailed look of older places though. The more aged and old world the better. It just seems that architectural details before the 19oo's just had a charm to them. Especially the doors.

Yes, I love those heavy doors. They just make me think of far away castles with rich lords and ladies running the place. Now mind you, I live in an apartment. A small tiny one. I don't mind this – I personally enjoy living in a small space. I know realistically I'd go insane from paranoia living in a huge house much less a castle. But, I love the doors! Arggh they are just so regal. And my complex clear wont let me remove their boring plain Jane doors with beautiful ones.

But I can dream, can't I? I was browsing the doors at and was just drooling. So much detail on each door – each a show piece. There were many types of doors and windows these guys had on display – the super modern doors were okay, a bit too modern. But the old world style ones had me staring in envy. If I had the room to display them as artwork in here, I so would.

I mean look at this:

All that metal work. Alas a lot of these doors probably go into much bigger (and richer homes). But window shopping isn't a crime, right?

I can just gaze at this level of creative work all day for free. Besides, between this level of beauty and listening to a Donna Summer marathon (RIP you Diva, you) I can say my day is golden.