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How to not fail at Blackjack

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:13 AM

I have always been terrible at blackjack. So many rules, so many ways to give away your hand, so many sways to misjudge. Add in the pressure of playing with overly competitive friends and I simply am terribad at the game. This failure of mine has left me always losing – either some money or even clothes one randy night.

Let's just say me playing this at a bonafide casino is daunting. I mean those guys are PROS paid to stack the house against you! I mean I'm not a big gambler or anything but I tend to feel the need to overstay my welcome when it comes to games of chance. But with the opening of a local casino down town and friends wanting to see what its like, I feel like I'm being pulled to my doom. I'll end up going, try to figure out some wacky card counting trick that worked out in my head but fails in practice and I'll look even more like a blackjack noob.

And then I found the WACC21 system. Now when I say 'system', I mean 'those tutorials that teach you how to do something at a price. But halt right there. This system isn't all talk, some $50+ fee and some random emails. This place sends you actual cards and a felt mat to practice this interesting way to use a card counting system to win at the game. No, not loaded die wining, but legit and legal ways to up my odds of winning a hand.

I've been reading this ebook backwards and forwards...I just hope it sticks with me on my future ill fated casino trip...