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Having no power sucks for technophiles

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 5:13 AM

I remember way back when I and my besties were just hanging out, then bam! we had no power. None. I think it was when Hurricane Irene hit. Now us geeks love out tech. We kinda whined but dealt with it. Well save for my SO. He couldn't deal too well as he literally hot wired his UPS to play stuff on the PS1 for 4 hours. I think he took it the hardest. Most of us were all, 'yes! We can camp but not really camp!' That got old after day 3 as we still had no running water.

But I digress. We were so bored. Then we tried to role play out of some vampire books. We cooked canned food off of a dinky outdoor grill. And all the while a neighbor who one had the money, and two the foresight to buy it, had a generator humming away. Because of the non power, you could here EVERYTHING. A pin could drop and you'd hear it. So every night you'd hear the things incessant humming.

I remember sneaking over there out of intrest to see what he was actually using. It had a logo that I could barely see; it faintly had on it '...Generators AtoZ'. The name didn't ring a bell, but since the generator lasted a good week without fail, it must have been of good quality. I recall as soon as the power came back up I searched up the logo.

If the thing pictured about is just their low end (yet very, VERY powerful going by the this was the type the neighbor used), then man there top of the line must be super awesome good.