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Florida Aspirations

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:21 PM

The SO is going on yet another out of town trip soon. He's becoming like one of those briefcase wielding guys that travel for work – save for his briefcase is a laptop with WoW on it and his main clients are a state away and are less people but huge server racks that need maintaining. Since he is flying to his locations, he can't obviously take his own car.

During one of those trips though, he had to hang down in Florida. Tampa to be exact. He thought on what it would cost to simply buy a car there – assuming we would ever move down there. Course it didn't help that their were (according to him) a bunch of fliers for everywhere, pimping out their used cars all around the Tampa area.

Since the WoW servers were down on one of his off days, he searched up their availability on BMWs. Might as well scale up in class, he joked to me LOL! I'm all thinking, yeah you just best hope you can even get a credit approval before thinking about all that, bub.

He also said this place had used car videos about trucks, SUVs, and other used cars. It was a way flashier site than say the ones up our neck of the woods. Well and more 'modeleque' people. The SO and his Florida cruisin' dreams. Silly boy, we'd die In the Florida heat before we lost enough weight to look beach ready!