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Congrats to a newly minted lawyer!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:34 PM

Remember that article I wrote about getting a lawyer for my friend in DC? Well another friend of mine is less in need for one as much as is one! Seems they finally made the bar and was taken on with the guys at See for lawyers, schooling doesn’t stop at a BA. They have to go on to law school where books upon books of law and case study old and current are read up on.

It not as intense as say a doctor who gives up like a third of their life to study, but law school is quite the investment. This guy missed out of partying and social events – but the amount of study was just that immense. Course after school there is internships and getting that valued job experience.

And then there is that scary moment – getting a firm to take you on. Usually then you don't become a straight up lawyer then – you become an understudy of sorts. I forget what the term is, but in short there is a lot of proving yourself before you can actually well do actual 'lawyering'.

But he got his foot in the door! Too bad he's so far out of state or I would have given him a congratulatory hug. But he says since he just got in, he gets to look up more files for them, organize paperwork and basically do the background research for the guys that actually go into the court and do the talking. I always thought that lawyers all did that. Makes sense though – you already are debating your case in a sorta of debate them thing – but it actually affects others lives.

But my newly minted lawyer friend is just jumping up and down about this. I could tell by his excitement on the phone LOL!