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A break in and the burden of proof.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:08 PM

I had to look up best crime attorneys in Georgetown for a bestie living up in that fast paced area of D.C. Georgetown like most of the area that is Washington, D.C. Is full of crazy driver, people too busy to slow down, and sadly, crime. It has a high crime rate at that. I think New York and New Jersey give the area some bad influences.

But, my bestie after graduating from college went the governmental direction with her career; the study of language making her invaluable in the governmental linguistics department. Of course what she specifically does is kept hush hush even to family. I can understand that – I've had many a job lately that sends me an NDA to not note them by name (or even what I specifically do for them) on blogs or in print.

But in her case it meant she legally was not allowed to disclose what she did, even on her trips around certain areas of the world. But a place she had to stay is now making this a problem. She lives in an okay area of town. Well her items were there. But she was out of town. During a lengthy trip, her place got broken into.

Police collected reports and whatnot and eventually found the suspects. But they also in her words 'for questionable items' that she was sure she never knew of or owned. The police had searched her place days before she had returned – there was only such a quick nite of the break-in due her knowing neighbor notifying the authorities when she became suspicious of the noises she overhead. She also was vouching for my friend's innocence. Now she's embroiled in a case that could - if she fails to prove her innocence – could threaten her career. It's a mess she didn't ever expect to find herself in.