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Training against hackers.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:01 AM

Now, as a former customer service worker (grocer cashier, phone rep, and thing dealing with personal contact with another human being, I can vouch for the aggravation of dealing with them. Funnier thing is when you get to work in a corporate setting where replace 'irate customer' with 'hackers trying to storm the gates' or your firewall.

Both sets of people can, and in mu opinion mostly suck. Sorry irate guy whose coupon was expired, or angry lady who failed to pay your bill on time, you suck. This is probably why I don't do customer service gigs anymore. Anyway, hackers replace these crazy people. But unlike said crazy customer, these guys go out of their way to annoy you but in a sly way. See that spam folder in your email of choice? They are always there because despite you doing what you could – not sharing the email out to many places, writing it in a way to deter scrappers, instituting spam filters – they get to you anyway.

At least at home, you KNOW to simply ignore them (I hope you do or boy your pc is screwed). But at work, where you are harried and not always thinking at the top level, you see an email, a warning from the boss or an investor with company email 'letterhead' and you open and respond.

The bam 'hey why is my pc slow...why am I getting looked at by the IT department funny?' start to roll out from you and you aren't sure why. See, spammers and hackers love cooperate people. Them and their fancy firewalls guarding their secrets. But a firewall and all that net security is only as good as the people authorized to work there's vigilance. Hackers want and need an employee to pardon my french 'fuck up'. But there is training for this too. One can learn about HIPAA, and train their employees on the fly. So it seems cooperate caught onto employee derpitude and has the front liners not only working hard, but becoming wise to the hacker ways. At least hackers don't typically yell at you.