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So there IS a market for these coins.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:27 PM

I remember those commercials for those coins on TV. They are all of 24 karat gold, the size of a quarter and come in these fancy boxes in sets. I always got the impression the coins weren't worth all that much in honest and only sold to people with an insatiable coin fetish and free money. They also despite all that primping probably don't look all that good in person nor retains any value much less gain in worth in the future.

Hell, the guy here used to keep those Custom Coins where the mint had stamped a US quarter with a state a few years back. He has most all of them despite us needing to use some of them for money when times got rough.

That's the thing about collecting us coins; you can't spend them any where. Just 'show coins'. That just seems so pointless to me. But apparently there's a market for custom coins that:

  • aren't sold on TV at 3am

  • aren't super expensive

  • are customizable

  • look good

  • don't pretend your coins are super rare

  • and are simply meant to commemorate something.

  • Challenge Coins are what these types of coins are called. Despite getting the vibe that these coins are super challenging about 'something?' these guys seem easy to make and customize going by site descriptions. But anyway, the market for these coins at least makes sense in that these coins are used at many organizational events.

    I can list of a few events even that I've been to that gave away commemorative coins for being there. Funny that I never gave much thought to them though. Many of these small things, and their Custom Lapel Pins brethren were rather detailed brilliantly made little things. I even have a few I keep on my old girl scout sash. Seems that the market is booming though as everyone likes keepsakes and pins.