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Merrill gets around :D

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:03 PM

I’ve never heard of this before, but aMerrill Virtual Deal Room sounds rather awesome in that high end secret board meeting way. Big names like Chrysler, Kraft and Dell (hey while you are in your secret meetings, discuss how to fix your printers; they suck) hire these Merrill guys to literally host their huge files virtually to make sharing and meeting a hell of a lot faster. And I thought I was all high tech in using FTP servers and LogMeIn stuff.

In my fascination on their services, the Merrill guys even do certified translation services and medical translation stuff.

So basically all those meds you use every day? They make the terms, notes; little paper inserts and wherever the common reader reads on a pill bottle clear to understand. They take books and whatnot that is great in English and translate them for our brothers and sisters overseas. Kind of impressive for a company I generally associate with a bank (Merrill-Lynch).