My Goals with this Blog...

Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

Now, I've had my far flung experiences with lawyers before. They weren’t many, but the one case that sticks out in my mind was a generally nice guy from word of mouth. I can say in honesty I've not done any major crimes per se to require a lawyer. I mean the awesome guy I had was trying to basically bail me out from all these bills I couldn't pay due to emotional issues.

But there was a rather brash, just as attentive lawyer my uncle had; a great criminal lawyer in houston. Now let me put this all into perspective. Uncle dearest wasn't the best of people; the kind of guy that talked fast and thought he was slick. He'd get gullible people to loan him money, 'borrow' things and generally behaved like an asshat.

Now, said uncle liked his drugs. Not in a 'Intervention' level way, but he liked to party. To most of the family's knowledge he smoked pot, got drunk and generally was more a nuisance than a law braking gangster (like others in that neighborhood). Uncle despite having street smarts, also seemed to not know what 'being discreet' or 'moderation' meant. See, he was doing more than simple pot. He was tripping on acid and coke. Nothing too extreme but it made others a bit leery. But he kept a job, wasn't robbing people so the family left it alone.

Come to find out, he was selling coke on the side. Despite having a decent paying job. How did we find out? He was caught selling to an undercover, multiple times. Most people who sell/share drugs do so with trusted friends. Uncle apparently broke this rule. And since it was cocaine and not say pot, and the amount, his infraction was a lot stiffer.

There was talk of a LONG prison term. Uncle is lucky he's a big man, but prison...that's not his scene. This is where the awesome layer came in. See, that lawyer – hired by my grandma – fought long and hard for him, finding loopholes like the entrapment clause. I personally don't like the tactic myself; it's one think if you sell to any old stranger indiscriminately polluting a neighborhood; it's another when you are trading items between friends and would've only did so with a friend.

The lawyer also found ways to reduce his sentence – because he was so going to serve time there was no way, and well he should for being so foolish but not for the absurd amount the court was going for a non violent offender – and even ways to maneuver his way back into gainful employ after prison. That lawyer didn't have to do half the stuff they did, but he did causing my uncle to be out since 2006 with a squeaky clean record.