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Finding a GREAT lawyer...not a meh one. My story.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:01 PM

Now, recall my post a few days ago? Yeah, getting a great lawyer is a trouble some endeavor; finding help for my past bankruptcy can be touch. No matter if you live in Cali, Wisconsin or Philadelphia bankruptcy help can be hard to find.

Think – there are simply so many out there.

Some are highly paid and had a dedicated following and word of mouth to the point TV shows advertise them. But catering to them also caters to high layers fees. Paying for the lawyer's 'brand' if you will.

But some lawyers are new and are simply jumping at the bit for cases. They will do what they can to help. But their inexperience though helpful to say a simply traffic court case, may work against them (and you) in a complex settlement.

And then some are the bored lawyer. They've seen this same song and dance again and again and have everything memorized. They can get your case our quick but their inherent boredom means they wont do the absolute best for you case. Inherent boredom means the difference from getting the most reward from a settlement and/or less fines to getting barely anything out of the resultant ruling. Also realize you pay this layer either up front out our of your winnings.

But, my lawyer was none of those. For one he sent me a helpful link all about 'Bankruptcy Basics'. He didn't have to do this. He could have simply had me fill out forms and moved me on his client list. But he didn't. He could have charged me up front and turned me away when I couldn't afford it all. But he did a payment plan for me instead.

My lawyer was the caring AND experienced lawyer: the kind that knows his stuff but approaches the cases he has with individual attention. He has a stock clientele but doesn't let his ego get to his head. This guy didn't have to do a monthly payment plan but he did. He didn't have to do nearly half of what he did, but he did. So when that rather nervous court day came up I felt aware of what was going on and didn't feel bamboozled in the end.

Now THAT was an awesome lawyer.