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Car Rental? Or car buying?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:15 AM

So. Me and the guy got n invite from an old friend that resides in Indiana. She is finally typing the knot with her long time fiancee. We (mainly my SO) usually drives to save money on plan travel. Well that and I've never flown a in a plane before. But since the time he got off work was not enough to account from driving cross country and hanging out, he decided to rent a car.

There was a dealership in Richmond, IN that looked like a good bet to hit up. It's near the town our friend and her fiancee lives at. The dealer was recommenced from a guy my SO met at a dealer in CA. He was up visiting his brother for his past wedding a few years back and had gotten into a conversation with a dealer who worked at the Hamer Toyota in the Mission Hills area of Cali.

The guy and my guy were talking during the wedding reception where it was brought up about having friends in the Indiana area. This let to my SO getting the tip about the Richmond dealer in Richmomd doing rentals. Getting a tip years before a length trip is win in my book. Course the IN dealer kept typing to up sell that car to us - the catch was that the guy in Cali failed to mention said place only does purchases not car rentals. The worse side was that the place had awesome deals in cars quality at low prices. If only we lived out there!