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Apartment Mailbox Woes

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:46 PM

Cluster mailboxes aren't the prettiest of things. I had to deal with them though as aside from a few breaks in between, I've always lived in an apartment. The CBU mailboxes themselves aren't a terrible thing – it's more they are so bleh to me. They do eventually get worn over time as many sit outside to the elements, many users over the years roughly bang on them and in general they just look like a post office left a few stands out in the complex and forgot about them.

Now, after moving here, and seeing the odder but more convenient looking commercial mailboxes, I'm under the impression that simply apartment mailboxes just have it rough. We have these small in the wall 4 unit things. I love them because I don't have to count out and search for my square of a box among 30 others, it can hold more mail (and the larger mail can be left on my hall door step), and I don't have to walk far from my door barefoot on carpeted stairs to get to it.

But you can tell the complex scrimped on updating them. My box has a corner that pops out from probably hard smalls and pulls. That and the simply locking mechanism on it can pop easier making it uncloseable. Though I can't get mad at the boxes like the outdoor ones – these guys are just old and need to be replaced. If the complex would replace then they'd imo be the best mailboxes ever.