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Vets and their perks around here

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:36 PM

Now getting an apartment even is a pain in the rear. Now getting a house and a VA mortgage is strangely easy. Well if you are a vet or the spouse of one.

It’s hard enough already which the constant moving, the tours, the whole military life. But as most at least in my neck of the woods knows, the service will take care of you. In this area though, like 40% are military, a few bases (including a big one in Hampton) so knowing this info is not new. This explains the constantly high recruit rate.

But I was shocked - not at getting a mortgage loan but at younger members can apply for said loans. I figured the VA mortgage programs were for well, vets. Veterans tend to be people who’ve done multiple tours of duty and are now old enough to want to settle down and have a family. You can get a loan though as an active duty, even while still outside of the country.

I’m rather envious. So basically if you are active and plan on returning soon, of if you have to move to a new base or whatnot, you can easily up and leave with the help of these loans. Then again, their pay is rather generous for that whole fighting for your country trade off. Bad credit < Military $$$ ha!