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Nursing memories with a friend

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:02 AM

I knew of a few brave people that decided to take on the world doing senior care. Some were inspire by the care of their aging grandparents, and some just liked helping people. One brave friend of mine went on from her BA (I forget what) to med school. While she did this – she did intern work. Now interning can be a daunting task no matter what field or discipline you take up. But med students seem to have it worse.

She was put into an assisted living center full of patients that ranged from coherent, to in the end stages of dementia to needing all their daily functions monitored and looked after. She was one in a crown of RNs, doctors, other interns and various other center staff. This could’ve been a recipe for chaos. Lucky this place used this neat nursing home scheduling software that utilizes your phone.

Now realize, the last time *I* set foot in a home, the most up to date I saw anything was that the TV’s were not so old CRTs. I.E. I wasn’t impressed with my experience there, nor my grandma when she was there temporarily (long story). But anyway, the place this nurse friend of mind worked at was in her opinion, the epitome of software and technology. Controls were automated. Doctors routinely used touch screens. People seemed to move with purpose and the folks residing there seemed to feel attended to.

She claims the wonderful nurse staffing software was the reason. It kept everyone in the loop, people knew who was doing what and where, and if a shift opened up, everyone knew and could respond by phone. As in she didn’t have to lurk by the group bulletin board or walk in and get work thrown at her nor swim through that dreaded overtime most in her field dreaded. It sounded rather chill for a supposedly hectic job.

Course I work from home. So the chill pace is my pace. She of course would laugh saying that to her, this place with all the heads up was one of the best places she ever worked. She also felt so sad once she had to move on to a more permanent position.