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The Littlest Payday Loan place ever

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:29 PM

Okay, okay. Normal I avoid payday loan places like the plague. They yes hand out useful loans when times get tight. They look at you, person with rent due but payday not for another 5 days and goes, ‘here lost soul, you need money, we has you some money!’ You get a few small loans and tada your ass is saved. But the thing is, there is no few months grace period. The minute you open that loan, interest and fees build. It’s like renting from a rent to own place – by the time you pay that stuff back, you end up paying double – on more debt. So yeah, let’s just say I tend to avoid such places.

But one late night on the Youtube had me find Little Payday. How I found this place you may ask? But finding little person porn star Bridget the Midget in an ad spot.

No, I’m not kidding. I always found her adorable and bad ass for going ‘screw my size, I wanna do porn!’ and rolling with it. The tongue in check ad made me feel less hesitant about the place. isn’t trying to be serious or disguising who they are. I can respect that. Would I open a loan though? Not likely. Nothing personal, but I rather avoid more bills.