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I have way too many laptops

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:18 PM

As I clean up the computer room *again* I realize we have a lot of old laptops just sitting around taking up space. Now laptops by design don’t take up a lot of space like a pc tower but when you live in a small apartment where you routinely take them apart – they do. Now I was searching around for storage solutions to hide these assorted laptops and happened up laptop carts.

When I see the term ‘laptop cart’, I think ’a moveable work desk for laptop users’, not ‘rolling storage for multiple laptops’. These things come in no powered and powered flavors so that you can even charge them up when stored away. Considering our power bill I’d pass on that. But the idea of taking all these old 2000’s era Compaq laptops, more modern laptops and storing them in designated laptop storage made for them is a rather cool idea.