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Cell phone only lockers?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:55 PM

Phone lockers. Apparently these exist. Like I understand the purpose of a gym locker, or a school locker. These places tend to be big enough for a bag or stuff you don’t need on you during every class, or clothing or thing you obviously cannot hold at the same time. But cell phone lockers? As in lockers specific to just holding a phone seems silly. Why not just use a general locker. Or simply keep the phone in your pocket?

Okay maybe if say you didn’t want to leave it the hot sun, swim with it, get it lost or stolen or break it. Then sure put it in a locker – with your other things. Having a specialty cell phone locker seems a bit wasteful of storage space. Unless you are doing a cell phone convention with everyone carrying only a bag of ells, this kind of locker seems as useless as a keys only locker. But if there's a market, clearly someone needs these.