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Car Dealers need SEO, too!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 11:54 AM

I’ve heard of sites catering to most comers, making sure any and every web based business can achieve great SEO. But I never saw one dedicated to Car Dealer SEO. I mean this isn’t like you’re selling a digital property like an ebook. This is the sale of cars, something you generally just can’t ship across the country!

But clearly, deals gain by posting their wears online. There’s a Facebook app for car dealers that has their stock posted with up to the minute coverage. There’s ways to post all your stuff onto Twitter – catching wandering eyes and the attention of Google (Google PPC For Car Dealers - AdLogic).

…So basically a Cadillac from one part of the country can be found and purchased from another part of the country with ease. Or at the very least, a car dealer site can be discovered and develop powerful backlinks just as easily as any other commerce site. Oh internet, you surprise me with what can be sold.