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A bump in St. Louis

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:32 PM

Now, getting an attorney for a personal injury can be tough especially if said injury is debilitating and cause you lack of work hours. This can be made harder if the injury involves your just born child – as you already are going to be paying a medical bill but now bills to help your new child live. Tack onto this you having the child unexpectedly early in another state.

See, a friend of mine was due. Like 8 months due. But wasn’t quite due as her due date was set to three weeks later. One of her sisters was getting married up in St. Louis. So, she in wanting to be there booked the next plane and went. Wedding went fine. She was in the hotel and suddenly went into labor. Since she was in said state, she went to said state hospital. Then according to her the care wasn’t the greatest requiring her getting a St Louis birth injury attorney. Geeze how stressful.

So since all of that occurred up there, she had to put in for a few more days up in a hotel, already weak from just having that child. The newborn boy was injured in a supposedly routine C=Section causing injury to his little face. I just hope she and the baby is okay. Her hubby was with her at least but from what she says, he’s madder than her. I just hope they all keep a clear head and think of their newborn’s heath.