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Storage for the future

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:38 AM

Now, we live in a small little old apartment. So having need for something like Garage Cabinets isn’t likely. But knowing how Mr. ‘hording anything that is commodore 64’ related, and due to my never ending fetish for all things vintage gamer related, if and when that time comes to move into an actual house - Garage Storage Cabinets will have to be put into the plan.

See one doesn’t just ‘collect everything’. Newer things come out, things under the radar; super rare items, consoles, games etc. are discovered. Expecting a few shelves to hold them all is folly. And knowing how heavy some of the older stuff is (have you lifted an army of C64 or Amiga monitors? They are heavvvy) Steel Storage Cabinets will have to do.

I have for boredom’s sake investigated some Arrow Spacemaker Storage Cabinets. They look rather nifty: they would accent gaming consoles well in look, are cost efficient, and look study enough to warrant the investment. Will bookmark for later investigation.