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Sports Betting can be a doable pastime for me

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:30 AM

Now….I’m not much on myself trying to bet on sports. I mean I barely watch sports at all. Hell, I barely watch TV! But I do like a bit of gambling. I like picking a team from random to see if indeed I have great powers of clairvoyance in seeing if my team won.

I though wouldn’t pick the overdone sports of football or basketball though. I’d totally pick a hockey team. Besides of all the popular sports, hockey seems the most interesting. That and like Nascar, people watch for the train wreaks – is. I.e. fights. Though I like how this one site I contemplated using helps you decide in your choices: they lay out the current stats of your chosen team, down to the injury news reports. This saves me in having to search up about the team I want to choose pre bid. I can even bid on overseas teams! Rather helpful features this site has.