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Pot Rack Dillema

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:52 AM

As I roam through my time, cramped kitchen, the array of small limited cabinets surrounding me I realize – this place is small. I literally used all my counter space; the pop cabinet is just that: one lone pot cabinet that isn’t all that small. The idea to go buy some enclume pot racks came to mind.

Now people out are probably asking, ‘why not use the top cabinets instead of a low hanging enclume pot rack?’ Full of glasses and special occasion stuff, seasonings, food (this kitchen is really small).

‘Well then, the tops of the cabinets?’ My cabinets have a large gap up top where you can store things. That space is full of the crap that didn’t ‘fit’ in the living room, my office, the computer room or any other room in the house. This has had us staking random pots and pans onto the limited counter space. This cannot be. So enclume potracks it is.