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Posh Dog Bedding

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 11:32 PM

We had family members down last weekend. They came down with the most adorable pair of dogs ever. I was very surprised how sleeping arrangements went. See, we have a futon and other accommodations for people, but it's kinda hard to plan for dogs. You can't just have them roaming about, the floor isn't good for their backs either.

They came with these collapse-able dog cages. They set up and hinge together so that they if needed to be put away or moved, the cages could be easily flattened taking up less space. Just set them up and put down some blankets (for warmth and any mistakes) and just toss in a couple of memory foam dog beds within each one.

But Orthopedic dog beds? Yes, specialized dog beds exist. We humans aren't the only ones that are prone to back problems due to the way we sleep. Those dogs were getting such comfy sleep that I was actually a bit jelly. Course most of the day the excitable one would run around while the quiet one would lazy around underfoot so those cages got little action till nighttime.