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Old Houses clean up nice

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:24 AM

I went to the old family house today. When I say the old family house, I mean the place where I grew up. My sister grew up. My mom, my uncle, where my grandma and granddad brought after they married… Where granddad died, where grandma felt obligated to stay and keep despite it falling apart and being worth less than what was owed.

Well me and my sis stopped by…and man did that house clean up nice. The new owners had popped open walls, added a new deck, the place simply was updated heavily. The new owners were nice enough to invite us in. They definitely are pro flippers. I went inside and was met with polished wood floors, updated everything – including vessel sinks everywhere.

See, me and the hall bathroom were at war. The crappy lone vessel sink that was in there did not hide the large hole in the wall that invited spiders and water bugs. It leaked (mainly because the tool that installed it was lazy) and could hold nothing cause it was small.

But this sink had no cracks, a not leaking vessel faucet, the tile underneath wasn’t yellowed, no mold…I was rather envious. Still like apartment living though.