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Downloading music legitly

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 7:32 PM

Any of you guys have the urge for more songs and music? Well back in the day it used to be ‘go get a record/8track/cassette tape/CD’ and hope that whole album is worth the $20-30 ish price tag. I myself admit to coming in when cassettes were the big thing; course I had more things recorded off the TV and radio than on tapes I owned. Music cost a lot. And when you did spend money on an item, half the time unless you heard the whole album from a friend you risked paying for half the album you liked and the other half that blew.

Then there was that period of time in which I was ‘screw this’; almost every one I knew was downloading tracks here, tracks there. I had more burned CDs than paid for full of tracks I liked. Rarely did I have an official complete and paid for album unless I liked the whole thing. And then there was the convenience of storing everything on my pc. 1-2 HDs of music was way more space efficient than stacks and stacks of CDs. Having a library of CDs did look nice but when you lived in small apartments of roomed in one bedroom, having a library taking up living space was silly.

For a long while, record companies still put out CDs. Then the Zunes and their ilk appeared. I didn’t want to buy a new item to hear music. I rarely went out with my CD player years ago. Items like these were too prone to getting stolen. Music was a private thing for me that I did at home on my reliable computer. Somewhere in there places like Napster sold out in my eyes having people pay for songs where they once were the forefront of downloading. I moved on. It would take a lot to convince me the worthiness of paying for what was a free convenience. I like many were all ‘the music out there is overpriced, and most of the time it is bad. Indie bands do not do paid sales'. I was so hardcore like Trent Reznor – music should be free to find and download.

And then iTunes popped up. I saw this set of promotional codes from iTunes store and despite not owning a single item with an ‘I’ in its name I tried it out. I was actually amazed. There was no $10 songs or rather boring pop music. The selection was actually varied and the price of $1 per song – no $30 albums – was actually not bad. Sane pricing for the songs I can listen to see if I like before choosing to then download onto my pc…it was as if they heard the myriad problems I had and bam address them. This old pirate may convert after all.