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Dog Sitting

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:18 AM

As I walked by the Portable Bleachers in this complex’s small community field, I stopped. I needed the fresh air as one of the few drawbacks to the place was the lack of a personal patio/balcony. Soft rain misted onto the Aluminum Bleachers. I didn’t mind, I love the rain. Soft, soothing rain.

I was pet sitting this day. Unbenowst to the complex I had a few hours to watch over two sweet dogs as their owners were out of towners down for a family event. The two searched around the small park, excited they were outside but for differing reasons from myself. This place was small; no Pet Waste Stationsfor them. No dog exercise equipment. Just a nearly barren field and some small underused swing set. There’s rarely any kids out here; I think the average residents here are the mid-20s crowd, not many families here.

But I don’t mind. I has my peace and rain. The dogs are just happy to run.