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Pop up display hunting.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 12:13 PM

I’m rifling through a catalog for pop up booths. I’ve never realized how I could’ve put such pop up displays to work. Now, most of the time I see these type of things, they are used as company displays at events, or during a public company presentation.

I recall going to my first job fair; many jobs worth their salt used pop up trade show displays - I can tell you then that the people with such display got more people inquiring about their positions over the other jobs with a table and some flyers.

The way these trade show pop up booths are presented in this catalog imply you can have a backdrop behind a podium to give speeches, a table display, a mini ‘kiosk’ to lure people in to view what you have to off – all with highly customizable displays. I mean you can have your logo, face or other major part of your brand allover a display, shouting to the world who you are and what you do.

As for WHY I’m looking through this catalog? A dear friend of mine is starting a crafting business and wanted to see her display options for a local craft fair.